Friday, 17 September 2010

Lady Jane Grey

Your full name: Queen Jane of England. Please call me Lady Jane.

Your contact address: The Royal Fortress and Palace, called the Tower of London.

Your education history: The very best. I excell in Greek, Latin and French, and am tutored in many other languages. I read from the classics daily, even now. My greatest love has been and remains Plato, with which I spent many a happy hour away from the trials of family life. My gentle tutors bred in me a love of learning, and it is in books and the written word that I find my pleasure in life.

Your employment history: I do not consider my brief spell as Queen to represent sufficient experience to qualify; rather let my application stand or fall on its own merits.

Please answer the following questions:
What are your interests outside work?
All that I do seems to be 'outside of work'. I pass the days reading and conversing with my husband, when I am not needed to sign some monstrous letter of slander against the Princess Mary.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
I consider the greatest of all achievements to be a life well lived. As for myself, I have not yet lived so long as to achieve such greatness.

Describe a situation in which you have worked as part of a team.
By virtue of my youth I cannot describe an example from my own actions, but will provide one I have observed. The Duke of Northumberland - it is my honour to call him father-in-law - worked closely with His Majesty King Edward VI. In but a few years together they brought peace and religious unity to the nation of England, and great prosperity will surely follow.

What could you bring to the job?
Freed from the influence of the English court, I would apply my learning to ruling your fair country to the best of my ability. In me you would gain a queen both noble and steadfast, capable of great wisdom, whose heart is set on giving her country the best it can attain.

Why do you want this job?
It is my firm belief that the crown of England rightly belongs on the head of the Princess Mary. If it may be that I remove myself to the throne of Renitania, the path shall be open for my cousin to assume her due honours.
Queen Jane of England

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